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Alveron’s drug OKL-1111 is a potential
break-through in the treatment of haemorrhagic stroke,

a severe unmet medical need. 


Haemorrhagic stroke or intracranial haemorrhage (ICH)  is a devastating condition with a 30-50% mortality rate. ICH is also responsible for approximately 50% of disability associated with stroke as a whole.  The use of anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors greatly increases the probability and severity of ICH.  One of the major reasons for these poor outcomes is that patients are simply treated too late with reversal agents. Current therapies require the identity of the anticoagulant; consultation with an expert; dose calculations with some requiring patient weight and reconstitution of multiple vials of powder into solution. This process can take over one hour.

Alveron’s drug OKL-1111 is positioned as a rapid, first line therapy as it has a truly universal mode of action, not requiring anticoagulant identification. OKL-1111 is being developed as a ready-to-use solution for injection also eliminating a very time consuming preparation step. The pre-clinical safety data indicates a very low risk of thrombotic overshoot, reducing the need for expert risk : benefit evaluation prior to use. OKL-1111 has the potential for rapid administration with greatly improved outcomes. 

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